More Sketches but Not Complete Works Yet


Something to post before September finishes.
I already wrote a post for this month, but I guess I should publish at least some drawings I made during this month, still, they are not complete works, but I think September was a month when I was feeling more in the mood to draw... I should use my time with something more productive!!

Continue to see the drawings...

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Lovable Keine~


I forgot that is June already. May indeed was fast!!
I was thinking mostly about school, and what to do to finish it... And yeah, yesterday practically was my last day with classes, well, I only went to check my grades in my last class, and I passed, so... I'm okay!! I practically finished high school, but I have to look at the school to check some other things, like important papers to enter University.

Things are just like I planned. Good, good. For now -ignoring the fact that I have to go school for papers, that probably will take only few minutes- I think I have some free time to do stuff, and probably drawing, like yesterday, when I was with the mood to draw!!

Well, with that... there's not much of what talk about at the moment... Ah, well...

About Keine... I spent most part of the day drawing her, I had lot of fun, and I think I'll continue with other works. And... here is another version of the same image but without hat.

EDIT: Playing with colors, I made something quick~.

April Fools' Day

Oh, my, this happened on Twitter, and well, April Fools' Day was a fun day. The idea of this strip comes from an AkyuuTatara's tweet .


To read it properly, please click the image.

Oh, yes, a friend asked me to draw more often strips, I don't have enough time to even draw something a day, but I will try to draw strips more often, it could help me for practice. Ah... and in case I don't post anything that day, Happy Easter!.

EDIT: Forgot to explain. They are two different 4komas. The first one is on the left and the second on the right, but the dialogue is from right to left. My apologize if it results confusing.

Alice and Other Random Sketches

Hello there, long time I didn't write anything here, because I was attending the school, this semester ended a little well, only one class I failed (all my assistances, all my works, only one exam missed!!), but I will try to fix that later. For now I have a free week starting from Monday, and no homework, but I lost a lot of practice during the absence, but there were days where I found time to draw something just for fun, and, hey, this month I tried a lead pencil for draw and it's awesome!, I only need a better eraser and a better sketchbook (and of course more practice at drawing).

Taking advantage that I'm already here, I decided to use this blog as a usual diary for stuff, even if I don't have any image to put (this is the kind of situation when I wish a real camera).

Oh, right!, did I already mentioned that I'm working in "Efecto Cereza", cereza-chan's blog, well, most of the updates there are translations of other artists works from English to Spanish but I'm very happy to work side by side with her.

Forward you will find some drawings I did recently.

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I Am Not Dead at All...

Something is wrong here...

Woah, has passed days since the last post... and I didn't have enough time to attend the blog, and my Pixiv account... sorry for that.

By the way, I have some problems with Pixiv in this moment, I tried loading the page but apparently is temporarily unavailable, I hope it will fix soon.

I have difficult days with classes and other things to attend, consequently I can't draw anything good this days. With luck, at least I can practice with sketches and colors, with that... here some other practice drawings:

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