Last Days at High School


Well, yes, I'm about to finish High school in few days, I don't know how to feel, I have to prepare some papers, money and other things to start in the University, I'm not excited at all, there were good times at High School. Bleh, right now I'm almost to finish it, but now I'm a bit busy with many works to do. There was a task for Ecology, to draw a poster, and another one from Communication, where I have to draw an advertise for a product. And also my Physics homework, that it's not necessary to do if I don't want, but if I want to save my grades from other classes, it will be helpful, so there are lots of work to do in that case, and I only have the weekend to work on it.

In the drawing part... I bought a new sketchbook, but I didn't draw anything yet on it, I'm afraid of what to draw on the first page.
In another note, I talked with an old friend of mine, who showed me a comic made by him. He challenged me "who will draw the most popular and successful comic", he started already, and I'm quite surprised in how he improved since I met him! But I don't have any good idea of what to do for a comic, I have my original characters (one of them appeared on few 4komas I already published here). Also, some others asked me to start a comic, and I promised to draw more often 4komas, but I didn't do anything yet, which is a bad thing... I don't have any excuse. I'm starting to find some time to draw, and I hope I find time to draw short comics or something.

Oh, right, before showing stuff, now I'm working with Aruketo from Kurotokurin in Pasche's project. Well, I'm only drawing some of the characters from the story Aruketo is writing. Again, I recommend you to read it, mostly because is starting to be published the revised version from the beginning!!

Below I'll post some of the drawings I made lately...

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Cowie: Yo, piggy, whatchu doin'?

Piggy: Oink oink!

Cowie: I don't think running works that way, you know...

Piggy: Oink oink!

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