Late Merry Christmas!

And I am ashamed for not having something for this Christmas as usual!! Requests not completed, sorry for those who I have not completed their requests!!

Anyways, I hope you have a great Christmas!

Let's see if I will have ready something for New Year's day!

I Am Not Free Yet


But just this Saturday is going to be my last day of classes for my first semester at college!
By the way, I want to tell how much I love December, but how boring I find TV on Christmas eve. So yeah! Now... I should be studying for my last test, but I am lazy to do it.

Sorry for the bad quality in the colors, I tried something new in the latests works, but they ended being not really acceptable.


Cowie: Yo, piggy, whatchu doin'?

Piggy: Oink oink!

Cowie: I don't think running works that way, you know...

Piggy: Oink oink!

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