More Randomness


Marisa was playing with Kogasa about who can be spookier. It was Marisa's turn, and Kogasa suddenly disappeared just after Marisa finished her performance.

Well, not really, I was too bored, so I asked a friend what to doodle, he told to me to make a Marisa with a flash below her to make her look spooky. I accepted and I was interested on it because it sounded like a nice practice for shading!

By the way, some time ago I said I was in the mood to make 4komas. They are still in the work! I... I swear!

Not Dead Yet?

Yoshika is already dead, isn't she?

College's homework has been consuming my life these days, so I am still lacking of time to do fun stuff. But still, never going to die, but the fact of not having good times these days is still there.

Just recently I was not feeling in the mood to draw, and when that happens is when I completely forget how to draw at all, of course, some time have to pass until I recover the mood and start drawing again. So here is a drawing for practice to recover my mood, took me a while to finish it, but it was mostly because I was darn lazy the whole day...

Anyway, apparently the finals are coming soon, and guess what, I am not ready for them, I have no idea what I should have learned this semester but just for few classes, gosh darn it, I am hating this semester since it began.

But thinking optimistically... no idea. Being cool and optimistic is better than -pretending to not be awesome-.

Boring April is Boring


This month I haven't had the chance to draw at all, even if I want to, I can't actually draw. I have homework to complete and it can be really stressful to think that I must write 50 pages filled with silliness coming from my thoughts (and possibly not real facts).

Just this week I found some time to draw, but only at night, but this insanity hopefully will end soon. Once I finish my work, I have something on mind to work with, if things go as how I expect, then I will start something that I wish I will enjoy, and yeah, it's going to be some kind of project to be shown for you. But for now I am talking more than doing something to make it real.

About my daily life, rains are about to come, last night I saw some lightnings from my window; I love rains, but my roof is not in good conditions to receive such rain, all my stuff is going to get wet because of a leak on my roof that will bring some water coming from the ceiling and... yeah, things happen.

This April is killing me slowly...

But hey, April is not too bad at all. Ten Desires demo was out just few days ago! And and... Ten Desires... and... more stuff!


Cowie: Yo, piggy, whatchu doin'?

Piggy: Oink oink!

Cowie: I don't think running works that way, you know...

Piggy: Oink oink!

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