College Kills My Motivation


These two months I have been way too busy, and sometimes without the time to draw or even to browse Internet comfortably. College was consuming all my time. I had to work for the organization of two different events with my group. They really bring hard times, but the events were a complete success -better than what we actually expected-.

Sorry, these days I have lost a little of my motivation to draw, I still enjoy drawing, but just this week I am finally "free" (between quotes because these weeks will be about finals). It may take a while until I get in the mood to draw again. In the mean time, I will distract myself with Minecraft, Final Fantasy Tactics and... -until my Wii is back to life- this.


Cowie: Yo, piggy, whatchu doin'?

Piggy: Oink oink!

Cowie: I don't think running works that way, you know...

Piggy: Oink oink!

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