Oh, Right...

Merry Christmas, everyone!
No drawings this year, so no Christmas comic this time. I have got some problems lately, and I couldn't do anything to make the blog look nice for Christmas...
I don't know when will I be able to draw (digitally) again.

I Have Got My Computer Back

It's Christmas, and it seems Santa Claus finally came to my house, and he gave me... a computer.
It's oddly familiar to my recently stolen computer, howeve6r...

Yet, it's like if this computer is brand new, but it doesn't stop making me feel like it's my old computer...

Ah! I guess Santa guessed all of my misfortunes and gave back to me what I wanted, a computer just like the one that was stolen by that strange fat old-looking man with the long bear. Yes-yes! Things are clearer now, I think...

My life has been quite weird this year...

Someone Stole My Computer

Someone stole my computer, and I want it back.
I remember it was taken by a fat old-looking man, with a really long beard, breaking into my house last night, but I couldn't do much at such hour in these places.

It's curious it's Christmas Eve and this kind of things has to happen just few days before Christmas.

This doesn't feel like a great Christmas for me, though.

I miss my computer. And I want it back.

But even with my misfortune, I really hope you all have a great Christmas.


Cowie: Yo, piggy, whatchu doin'?

Piggy: Oink oink!

Cowie: I don't think running works that way, you know...

Piggy: Oink oink!

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