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Have past many days since the last entry...

I take a break (beacause I had a headache), and as consequence I lost some practice for drawing, so the last two days I tried to draw random illustrations. It take some time to recover the rythm.

The imagen at the top of this entry is one of other works that I drawed this days... something to say? yep: Cheeeeeeeeeeeeen!.

I don't know what more talk about, but you can find another works of mine... they are not so awesome, but for me they were funny to draw.

A Shameimaru's one, It's not like I expected...


Hoshiguma... I will draw Suika too, because they are one of my favorite duos.


And the last one, Ikuse Ayane from Vanguard Princess, an addictive game...


Yep, they are random, and are not great stuff...

By the way, if you find typos on this entry please tell me, because... well, english is not my birth language.

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No title

La chica de Vanguard, la del cuerno, si te fijas, por causa de la falda de amplio vuelo, y los hombros un poco abultados, parece algo llenita, o gorda. para niña, está perfecto, pero por el pecho...se ve que no es tan niña. Entonces, falta un poco de estilismo... pero esto es pura opinión personal.

No title

Me parecen buenos dibujos de práctica, sobre todo el de Ikuse Ayane, me encantan los dibujos que parecen recién hechos a lápiz y sin color...

Cronos la chica de cuerno no es de Vanguard Princess...

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