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By the occasion with the UFO (TH 12) and Hisoutensoku (TH 12.3) releases... I tought of drawing something as a reference, but I don't have good ideas about it. Maybe a 4koma with UFO's references, or some illustration with the new characters...

I didn't have ideas, so here is Meiling, you can take it as a Hisoutensoku reference (and is not actually for Hisoutensoku).


Below you will find the process... well, just some sketches.


Here the sketch. Was just for fun, but I realized that this random "kick girl" can be Meiling.


Here the same sketch again, just with "China's skin" and some clean lines/edges.


Because the previous pose didn't look too well, I move a leg, her right hand, and her head (because it was too small for her body). It took me some time.


Here, now, with all clean edges, and some details added in her shirt. Her eyes looks weird...


Now her eyes looks better (in a personal view...), and... with color!!. I love SAI!.

Note: I usually draw the face before anything, but because I didn't expec to draw Meiling, I drawed her body first.

By the way, UFO and Hisoutensoku are great titles, but I have some problems with both of them,and I think is my graphic card, because UFO's is a little slow than the normal speed, and Hisoutensoku crash when I active a Yuyuko's spellcard... oh, well...

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