I Am Not Dead at All...

Something is wrong here...

Woah, has passed days since the last post... and I didn't have enough time to attend the blog, and my Pixiv account... sorry for that.

By the way, I have some problems with Pixiv in this moment, I tried loading the page but apparently is temporarily unavailable, I hope it will fix soon.

I have difficult days with classes and other things to attend, consequently I can't draw anything good this days. With luck, at least I can practice with sketches and colors, with that... here some other practice drawings:


Tatara stalking Sanae... can she surprise her this time?


And here is Momiji (or Momizi, as you wish), this drawing is just a practice with colors, I tried this time with the pencil instead of the brush and water brush. The results were pleasant.
Right... I realized that I usually forgot something important with Touhou characters... you know what I mean.

Another point, her hair looks to dark, because I burned a little the colors, and here is the original one.

That's all for now, I have other two works in process, but I didn't have enough time to continue with them, anyway, sorry for to many absence recently.

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