Finally Back? I Don't Think So.

Twitter is more addictive than I expected...

But, even with time to attend Twitter, I still have classes, and I don't have enough time to draw something, sometimes I found the time to practice or draw random stuffs when I'm bored (most part of the time).

I hope to finish this year with good grades. This will be my last year on high school, so I feel like... I don't know but I like the feeling.

By the way, in a few days will come the Winter break, so I don't have to worry about my studies, and with that, I'll have time for things that I like to do, like watch TV... browse Internet... and... and... forget it.

To accompany this post, here a simple draw that I already posted on my Twitpic account.


Oh, and thanks for all your support.



you feel like... in love... XDDD en serio te felicito estas logrando mucho... se que aprovecharas muuuuy bien estas vacaciones!!

Sigue asi am... amigo... XDDD lograras mucho, estoy segura! v-8

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Si parece que lo que más tienes, son ideas para estos personajes curiosos, casi siempre femeninos. Ahora que viene navidad, deberías animarte y hacer una con fondo y relleno, Por ejem. esta de ahora tiene ojos y expresión de que algo no le gustó. ¿Qué habrá sido?

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Piggy: Oink oink!

Cowie: I don't think running works that way, you know...

Piggy: Oink oink!

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