Before April Ends

Today is the last day of April, and I was pretty busy most part of the month, except certain days, when I wasted my time doing anything.
Whatever, this week I had to write an investigation task, which my group had to give it today, and I hope my group (formed with other two classmates and me) done it well.

For now, I'm in a long break, I think it would be a week, and then, there will be only two weeks of classes before the semester ends, and, if I'm lucky, I'll enter to the University! Studying (apparently) Public Relationships.
Well, May was not actually an interesting month at all for me, except that I know better some interesting people!

By the way, I know I promised I will draw more often 4komas, but really, there are some times when I'm afraid to ruin the things in how I draw or I'm not in the mood to draw, but hey! Now I am, but not sure if I could draw what I promised!

In another note, a friend, Aruketo, has ended a part of a project that is writing lately. And... YES, you should read it! It's exciting!


Here is Okurin, from the Pasche's Project made by Aruketo. I'm still coloring it, and taking advantage, my apologizes Aruketo for taking so long, I'm drawing and completing other drawings I have, but I will finish it! Because Okurin is adorable!

Oh! For now I think it's all. This entry it's too messy! Yay! See you in the next update!
And thank you for keep visiting this place! You are making the pigeon happy.


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crying okurin is the best!!

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