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I forgot that is June already. May indeed was fast!!
I was thinking mostly about school, and what to do to finish it... And yeah, yesterday practically was my last day with classes, well, I only went to check my grades in my last class, and I passed, so... I'm okay!! I practically finished high school, but I have to look at the school to check some other things, like important papers to enter University.

Things are just like I planned. Good, good. For now -ignoring the fact that I have to go school for papers, that probably will take only few minutes- I think I have some free time to do stuff, and probably drawing, like yesterday, when I was with the mood to draw!!

Well, with that... there's not much of what talk about at the moment... Ah, well...

About Keine... I spent most part of the day drawing her, I had lot of fun, and I think I'll continue with other works. And... here is another version of the same image but without hat.

EDIT: Playing with colors, I made something quick~.


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i love this. you always are the best... my favorite artist.

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I really love your picture of keine! You made her look really pretty!
But, you forgot her horns as kimokeine...v-221

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@cereza: Thank you~. I'll try to improve to be even better and draw cutie things~.

@Kalyn: Thank you to you too! I'm really glad that you liked the image! And yeah, I forgot to draw her horns as Kimo Keine, but it was because I didn't plan to draw Kimo Keine, and was in the last minute when I wanted to see if I can change the colors as Kimo Keine~. The results were pleasant! Again, thank you!

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