First Anniversary


Actually, it was yesterday, but I was too lazy to draw something, and mostly if I'm lack of ideas.
I was asking to friends, specially ReimuHakure_ and cereza-chan, for some ideas to use for this 4koma. Most of the support comes from cereza-chan who was accompanying me all the time while drawing my thanks to you.

It has passed already one year since I started to write here (because the blog was opened like three months before, but I had some problems to edit the script of the skin).

Thank you to all of you for all the support you bring me. There was so many times when I was thinking to stop drawing, but it was for you that I was more in the mood to keep drawing...

Ok, not so much to say. But really, I'm really glad for all the support and all the visits you bring to this blog. Thank you, again~

P.S.: My OC will not jump like that again...



You know... i love you, and i love your... espera espera, en español... Te amo, y amo verte dibujar, así como disfruto mucho de todo lo que haces. Se que llegarás lejos... (aunque a veces te tenga que jalar las orejitas un poco OwO) te amo... felicidades amor. Todo todo todo esto que has hecho, ha sido en base a tu esfuerzo. Estoy muy orgullosa de ti.


Muchas felicidades! Sigue así con tan genial blog! Y no olvides seguir dibujando.

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