It's Still August, isn't?


Not much of what talk about, I didn't have the time to write much this month, I started to go college once this month started, so I was busy busy, even though I only go during Saturdays. There are some wonderful people... But the sad thing is that I rarely find a comfortable hour to do the things I like to do.

Also, tomorrow if I am not wrong Metroid Other M is about to be launched. Hopefully I'll get it, not in time but yeah! I love Metroid, but I don't consider me a big big fan. Whatever.

I'm still looking for a job, but I had some bad luck to get one... But I won't give up! I need money!

As for drawings... I didn't draw much things since I don't have enough time or I just don't feel in the mood to draw during the week, mostly because I have a lot of homework to do during the whole week. So I am busy busy~

Anyway, you can find some drawings I made during this month below this note...

Drew Kogasa quickly to have a new Twitter icon to use... However, it looked really awful in my opinion, so I changed it few weeks later. But it's still a drawing of the month, even if it's a bad one...



This is the result of being bored during the night... I wanted to try drawing a room. Wanted to draw Patchouli first, but she could be evident and she is hard to draw. At the end, I drew Keine, inspired from a hounori's drawing, hopefully you will guess which one!



Another one while I was bored. 10-15 mins. drawings. The first one I drew was Marisa, I wanted to draw her really cheerful and also cute, added "Da ze!" to add some charm on her. Then I drew Alice thinking on "who I should draw now? Nitori? Patchy? Alice is... too obvious". I ended drawing the obvious one...



Bored bored bored. Reimu is not smiling... Just tell her the magic word and she will give you this. Is not she cute~?



Here's the last one... Orin. I don't remember what made me draw her like this. I just remembered an old drawing of Kanako I made some months ago (I believe I posted it here).
After some time, I posted it on Pixiv also. Not great reactions... Oh, well, after all, it was another quick drawing.



By the way, C78 was this month, and I lost the activity from many other people from Pixiv. Nishina, from Pixiv, was there and I feel quite jealous. Yes~!

Oh, well, for now, that's all from this month, I think (and yay, I am still posting at least one note every month!).


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Ya should call ta Reimu pictures 'expressionchange.jpg'

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Yeah, that would be nice!
Also, I didn't realize I putted the wrong image in the link!!

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Orin's lines are smoother than usual! Awesome!

Also, awesome emoticons! v-107

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And that drawing was for you!!!
With Orin I tried with another style I am practicing with sometimes.
Also... yay emoticons!!! v-106

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