More Sketches but Not Complete Works Yet


Something to post before September finishes.
I already wrote a post for this month, but I guess I should publish at least some drawings I made during this month, still, they are not complete works, but I think September was a month when I was feeling more in the mood to draw... I should use my time with something more productive!!

Continue to see the drawings...


One day during the beginning of September, I was just playing with my hair and suddenly came the idea... Not sure why I was thinking about Patchy and Koakuma telling hey "That's not the way you should treat your hair". At the end, they both are having fun. It looks pleasant and funny~ After all, playing with hair can be fun~


During nights I am quite bored, but it's the hour when I am the mood to draw things. Yet, I am pretty sure that day I was desperate for not drawing well. Drawing my OC is easy, so I took time to draw her a new hair style. I will probably change the ahoge another day anyway.




The same night I drew my OC and Kanako, I finally decided to draw a character from Fire Emblem series, especially from Fire Emblem 9-10. Who I drew? Nobody less than my favorite character in both titles, Mia the swordmaster. She in most of my playthroughs makes so many criticals, and she also defeated a dragon by herself in my latest playthrough in FE10!! (I wanted to draw someone else, since she is not the only one who is interesting, oh, well). I am planning to draw another Fire Emblem character soon.


One day I decided to draw Ran with a serious face and a different angle... What happened? I failed with the original idea, then I decided to add Chen, then... Why not? Yukari. Then a friend came and told me to add Cirno, I was not sure how to add her. I feel like a monster to draw her in front of such situation... Poor Cirno.


A request from a friend, I am planning to draw Iku streaming it online, but not feeling sure yet. I'll probably not stream it, probably I will... I still need to think about it. Anyway, I should finish this soon!


Drew quick Miku, then added Luka... Nothing great with this one, but I wanted to draw during the night to kill some time. Hey, this is my first Vocaloid related digital drawing!


Reimu... and a donation box... on her head. Inspired after reading a tweet from a friend saying "Now I imagine Reimu balancing her donation's box on her head". Can't remember why was the comment, but for some reason I just drew it~



Two drawings of Corto Maltesse, character from the comic of the same name made by Hugo Pratt. I never read Corto Maltesse, and I didn't even know who Pratt is... Still, I liked the style of Pratt and I felt forced to draw Maltesse and also wanted to try imitating Pratt's style. I failed so hard.
Anyway, thank you to Ma.C/Lunatic Town for showing me Pratt's works.


The last one I drew last day actually... Took less than 20 minutes. It's still sketchy anyway. The sketch itself took 3 minutes, but the coloring took the rest of the time. I hate the fact that I can't remember the ways I do things, so don't expect something like this again... Ah~

And with that... nothing more. I am writing this feeling terribly sleepy. So... Zzzzz


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I always love yor work! keep do it like that!


Once more, absolutely amazing works. Also WHOA PATCHY IS RUNNING WAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hahahaha~

coo coo coo (moo?) coo ^^

I love all of them~ :3

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@cereza: Thank you, thank you, your support always make me happy. I'll keep drawing and doing my best!

@Fujiwara no Mokou (Moshi!): TITLE TITLE!!! NO NEED FOR A TITLE!! WAAAAAOOOO!!!!! Your comment is so cheerful and amusing~ Also thank you~ I should draw you something else or at least finish that lineart I promised you, sorry sorry for that orz... Moo!

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