Black Friday


I don't celebrate Thanksgiving Day, therefore I don't celebrate Black Friday.

In other words: no people outside being really crazy, not nice stuff, not nice offers, and no breaks, oh, wait! I have some free time to spend...

Anyway, these days I just drew few times, actually it was a nice time practicing some new tricks after watching so many times some of my favorite Pixiv users. I would like to draw like them one day...

Continuing with the post you can find some drawings I made during the month...

One thing, I don't add dedications or requested drawings, so there will be only few ones.


Days ago I was watching one of my favorite Pixiv users drawing while streaming himself on NicoNico, I wanted to try his way to draw, so here is a small Reimu. She doesn't look very happy at all!


Micaiah from Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn or just FE10. She was not actually one of my favorite characters until my last playthrough of FE10. She is not a bad unit! And that's to those FE10 gamers who believes she is only annoying. At least is not as annoying and useless as Sothe, personally...


Not much of what talk about Kaguya... She is one of my favorites, at least when is about Mokou vs Kaguya, I'll go always with Kaguyan. Sorry Moshi!!


Some more last sketchy stuff, not much, an awfully drawn Kanako, Nue an DAZE! I mean, Marisa. Not much!!! Really!!!

Anyway, this is only another desperate post about anything. There is something else on Pixiv if you are curious (probably not, but still).


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waga waga, I'm always late with your posts! Is there any rss feeds or something that I can subscribe to or something? ;_;


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Aww, don't worry about not being early~ I am so random posting ;___;
And... yes, there are RSS feeds ;__;. You can find them in the url bar, or in the right sidebar, the section that says "Display RSS link." there you can find the feeds and thingies. However, I never knew how those thingies work :<. I guess that may help!
Sorry for being slow reading your comment!


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