AlicexReisen Comic (?)


It's interesting why some artists relate Alice with Reisen Undongein... I didn't find any reason for this relation, but still interesting.
Since I read profiles and Shameimaru's articles, I find good reasons for this relation.

If I have time I'll try to draw something better than this quick sketch...

You can already read a preview of this possible "series"(?)!!.

As everyday, I just went to buy my daily medicine.
But, just for a moment I met her...
She was a rabbit, a lunarian rabbit... I feel weird...
She is like every girl, just with ears and those deep and red eyes...

“Oh, are you the Miss Yagokoro's recurrent customer?”

“Eh, yes, I think”

“'I think'? Well, excuse me, I gotta go, I must sell some medicine”


“Maybe we will meet another time... so, see you nex time”

I think I have seen her before
But I hope we will meet again.


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No title

is very good!

No title

Una pensativa o tímida, y otra más segura de sí misma. O más necesitada de dinero. Así empiezan las buenas ideas. Solo que un brazo te quedó mal. No pondrás color?

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