Not Much This Month

To be honest I have been losing some time this month. The next first week on February I am supposed to be back to college. Is it going to be exciting? I don't think so. At least I am going to see again some good people, for the rest... A lot of work during the week, while looking for a job again.

In the other hand, I don't have excuses for not drawing too much this month, I have been drawing just a little this month, but most of the drawings are for friends, so you know, they are not going to be posted here.
Reasons of why I have not been drawing is because of two addictions I decided to be hanged recently: re-playing Vagrant Story (which I still need to finish well) and Minecraft. My brother just bought me an account to Minecraft, therefore I have been losing these days trying to get diamonds in there and then building stuff (and having lots of fun with my friend, Haseshi, who I hope she is not pissed of me for not drawing). Hey, I built a tower in there, is not that amazing? Yeah, it was, the problem is that the tower was supposed to be a lighthouse, instead of an attacking tower...

Anyways, I don't want to write a lot, this is merely a post for January, even though I didn't have to worry too much since the New Year's post was for January, but I think is not enough fair.

Wish me luck for the next semester, I hope I do well in the last semester of my first year of college. And also at looking for a job again (even though I think I'll end getting one during the third semester...)

Until next time!


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Good luck on both school and your job~!

Just remember, doing those should take precedence over Minecraft :v

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It's not really easy, but yeah~ Thanks, I will advice if I am lucky to get the job! Also... Minecraft!! :v

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