Two Years Ago...


I remember pretty well that I received two of my greatest birthday's gifts in life: My tablet and a musical keyboard. Before getting them I remember I started to practice hard in my school textbooks to improve and make the tablet worth enough and give more reasons to have a tablet, at least a cheap one. What happened at last? I got it and until now you can see all my works made on tablet, at least once a month. I love drawing so much that I met one of my best friends: Haseshi, who I draw with a lot.

Though there was another gift, a musical keyboard, which my reasons were because I heard video game and Japanese animation's original soundtracks and I wanted to play like my favorite composers, specially when I knew about Koji Kondo, Motoi Sakuraba, Kazumi Totaka but mostly because of Ken Muramatsu -Oscar Peterson and Pat Metheny deserve to be mentioned as well, even though they are only a jazz composers-.
My brother many years ago offered me to practice with his guitars, to at least start with something, I told him I wanted to learn music, and yeah, I tried guitar but I felt quite clumsy and... guitar is not at all my tastes, you can even believe I would like to taste drums when I was younger, but not anymore. And since I like to type a lot... I wanted a keyboard, also... during those days I remember Wii Music was launched on stores, but I was sure I won't get it, so at the end... parents and brother helped each other to give me a musical keyboard, which came much before my tablet on 2009, I think it was around January (those gifts didn't come exactly on my birthday, but they are considered like so by the way).


I received two great gifts, and that without forget that during those days, I also received a laptop to use for myself. So yeah, it was basically my best year in my whole young life. I was really excited about everything, I drew a lot with my tablet and played for a while... However, spent most of my time drawing on my tablet and that was because I already had knowledge of drawing, but with keyboard I just had few knowledge from the time I practiced with guitar, I learned some stuff and played few things on keyboard, but I am ashamed for leaving the keyboard on the dust during these two years... Also, these years I remember saying to myself "I'll learn Japanese and learn how to play music". That didn't happen at all, at least not as would like to. I also said to myself that I wanted a camera and once I finish to learn keyboard I want a trumpet, but those two I will get them by myself and my own money, because I feel like my brother is disappointed at me for not playing well the keyboard yet. So yeah, I will do my best this time to practice.

By the way, this January 6th I got a camera from my mother. If it's possible I will start posting pictures more often. There are a lot of things to take a picture of once I am back to college.


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I don't see a reason for not posting the drawings for friends! Unless there are some deep and obscure reason behind it.

And you talk about your past like if you were a 200-years old ancient dinosaur! Don't be such a silly pigeon, there are a bunch of other awesome things that will happen from now on! >:3

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I don't post at all drawings for friends, except for some cropped versions, not at all since they are made for them~

And b'aww, 200 years-old dinosaur, that's because I am secretly a pterodactyl. And I know that~ There will be more awesome things awaiting, like one day playing the trumpet in the street at a rainy night in New Orleans with my best friend. >:3
But you know how the pigeon is with the memory. :'3

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