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"Zurita just watched the 10th chapter of Madoka Magica, right?"

These days have became into not amazing days and sad as well. Homework and looking for a job yet, and still with bad luck, but I try to be optimistic at some point. I was starting to feel unproductive since I still have some time to spend during the mornings and at night I do my homework until 2am if it's too late, using that time I study stuff by myself and trying to search other things that I couldn't do when I was lacking of time at mornings, reason of why I started to appear online lesser than usual. Still, no money. But what is still giving me hopes is that, in case I can't make it to get a job during my semester, I'll be constantly checking a job from my school that are given for students that at least passed a year in college, and my reputation increased there, that could help me to get more chances to receive a job easily; I always hated people staring at me because of that, but I think I can take advantage of that finally...

Anyway, I also wanted to make mention for the recent events in Japan, which I guess everyone must know already. I really hope the people and my friends there are okay, I know not every place is completely devastated, but it's still sad to see affected ones, it doesn't matter if they were in the places that received the natural disasters, even people here from Japan must be worried about their families and friends.
By the way, if you want to support Japan and give some help, you can also give a donation to the Japanese Red Cross Society. In the linked page, there will explain you how much dollars are equally to yens.

I hope things get better for you all.


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