In a Rainy Road


Well, I posted this on Pixiv yesterday but... whatever, who cares.

The reason for this image... anything, but because the image series drawed by Gensokoumoten on Pixiv. Unfortunately I can't read japanese at all, so I have some problems to understand some sequences, especially the final image. Oh, well...

Wait... What I'm doing at Pixiv if I can't read japanese...

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I can't read Japanese either..well,I'm learning Japanese by myself now but it's just very very basic...

I try to post my drawings with JP introduction,as practise.

Well,this's my first time to leave message here,good to meet you^_^

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Japanese looks a little easy to learn, my problem is that I am... lazy, but I will put my best to learn little to little.

And thanks for the comment. Ohp, and nice to meet you too.

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Como dibujas?? escaneas tu trabajo y luego pones colores? En todo caso, este está muy aceptable. Tu estilo para el pelo me recuerda al de Rumiko, de Ranma. Siempre bien voluminoso. Tambien es muy simple todo.

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