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\Crappy-Looking Sakuya/

A second post in one month!?
My goodness!

Yeah, been doodling more often, taking advantage that I've a new computer and a new tablet (in case you are interested, it is a Wacom Bamboo Create) and that college is almost over to me. Hurray for good stuff!

Hmmyeah, you can check the other doodles in the rest of this post.


A Koishi that someone on Twitter asked me to draw. Done the quickest I could, though, I think it took me around 20 mins, more or less. Hmm...


A Hina for my friend @nananonina_Eng. At first it was going to be a normal doodle, but then I wanted to add shading and stuff for practice~


Random Momohime. I failed badly at what I wanted her to look like, but I will keep trying...

And that's all for now. Hopefully I will get to show more stuff more often, and actual serious stuff. I also might update this blog every time I have something to show, so... maybe see you soon~


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